Greenland Airports

Mittarfeqarfiit/Greenland Airports operates almost all airports and helicopter landing sites in Greenland. We manage 13 airports and 46 helicopter landing sites and employ over 400 staff. Our main task is to ensure the right conditions for safe and efficient air traffic and to make sure that all flight passengers have a comfortable and smooth journey.

Flight information
For information about flights, please visit: and click on the map on the left

If you require more information about specific departures, arrivals or flight times please contact the airline:

Air Greenland: tel. +299 34 34 34,
Air Iceland: tel. +354 570 3000,

For airlines
For information regarding specific airports and AIP information, please visit:

Click on the individual airports on the map to the left and choose 'AIP-info'.

Fees and charges, 2013

As of 1 January 2013, the regulations on fees and charges is divided up into 'Fees and charges' and 'Handling Regulations and fees'.

'Fees and charges for 2013', please download

'Handling regulations and Fees for 2013', please download

Other services

Mittarfeqarfiit also offers a number of other services, such as fuel services for airlines, services for international oil and mineral exploration companies and advertising opportunities in local airports. For example, we offer:

•    Flight and passenger handling
•    Freight handling
•    Facilities, equipment and crew hire
•    ETOPS and shuttle flights
•    Catering and hotel accommodation
•    Services for oil and mineral exploration companies
•    Airport lease opportunities
•    Airport advertising

Mittarfeqarfiit/Greenland Airports, Business Development at Kangerlussuaq coordinates commercial tasks and services and is responsible for communication with our key cooperation partners, including airline companies and customs.

Contact Mr. Svend Christiansen, Business Development Manager
Tel +299 52 42 45
Fax +299 84 13 60

Mittarfeqarfiit/Greenland Airports, Head Office
For enquiries concerning operation, safety and security, finance or other, please contact Mittarfeqarfiit Head Office in Nuuk:

Tel +299 32 60 05
Fax + 299 32 60 10

P. O. Box 1036, 3900 Nuuk, Greenland