Hotels, Accommodation and Catering

Kangerlussuaq and Narsarsuaq Airports have affiliated airport hotels which offer accommodation and dining.

In Kangerlussuaq, catering is also available.

Hotel Kangerlussuaq
For room or dinner reservations, please contact the reception:
Tel.: (+299) 84 11 80

For catering, please send your inquiry by email to (will be replied within 24 hours).

Read more about Hotel Kangerlussuaq here.

Hotel Narsarsuaq
For room or dinner reservations, please contact the reception:
Tel.: (+299) 66 52 53

Read more about Hotel Narsarsuaq here

Other options
Three of our minor airports also offer board and lodging. For more information, please contact:

Nerlerit Inaat Airport (east coast)
Tel.: (+299) 38 28 82 / (+299) 38 28 81

Qaarsut Airport (by Uummannaq on the west coast)
Tel.: (+299) 38 27 59

Make early reservations
Since both airports have limited capacity, we recommend that you make your reservations in good time – especially for reservations in the summer months. The rooms are very much like hostels with communal showers and toilets in the hallway. Single-rooms are rarely an option. You can buy food, but catering is not available.

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