Good to Know About the Security Control

Passing through the security control:
• Have your boarding card ready
• Empty your pockets and place items in your coat or hand baggage
• Belts, coats, mobile phones, cameras, bags and other sizeable metal  objects must be X-ray screened
• Laptops must be screened separately. Take the computer out of the bag, place it in a security tray and pass it through the X-ray scanner

Useful information:

• Please note the restrictions for carrying liquids in your hand baggage
• All instructions from the security personnel must be followed
• The security personnel have the authority to reject any item,  if they suspect that it poses a potential threat to in-flight security
• All threats and public outbursts, even when said as a joke, will be taken very seriously and reported to the police IMMEDIATELY. Statements such as, “I have a bomb in my bag”, may prevent you from boarding the aircraft and could lead to an arrest by the police

Everybody MUST pass through the security control
All individuals must pass through the security control by request. Should you refuse to do so, you will not be allowed to enter the airside area or any aircrafts.

Security checks are undertaken, using different methods. You either walk through a metal detector which will beep, should you be carrying any metal objects in your pockets or elsewhere, or you will be searched manually. These methods may also be combined. A certain percentage of the passengers are chosen for a pat-down search, even if the metal detector did not blip.

A pat-down search should, as far as possible, be conducted by a screener of your own gender. Please note that delays may occur should this be your preference.

Pat-down security checks
If you do not wish to walk through the metal detector, you will be searched manually, e.g. if you are pregnant, have an implanted pacemaker, are in a wheelchair or on a stretcher, or if a baby is in a carrycot.

Should the security personnel deem it necessary to perform further security checks which are not limited to your outer clothing, you have the right to request that the search is supervised by a witness. Unless you agree otherwise, this search will be conducted by a screener of your own gender.

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