Air Freight – Nuuk

Our standard ground handling service includes loading and unloading as well as regular cargo and post handling to and from aircrafts. At Nuuk Airport, Mittarfeqarfiit offers air freight services between Iceland and Nuuk.

See Mittarfeqarfiit’s “Handling Regulations and Fees” here (link)

Mittarfeqarfiit also offers freight handling in the following areas – but only subsequent to a contractual agreement with the aircraft operators:

• Freight handling prior to shipment and after reception
• Cargo and mail screening
• Paperwork in relation to reception and shipment of cargo
• Delivery of cargo to end-recipient

Delivery of cargo
Normally, you can expect to have your cargo delivered approx 30 minutes after the aircraft, which has transported your cargo, has taken off again. Should the aircraft arrive after 9 pm, you cannot expect to have your cargo until the following day. If the aircraft arrives after 9 pm Saturday evening, you will be able to collect your cargo the following Monday. If you do not collect your cargo within 14 days, you will be charged with a storage fee.

Opening Hours: Monday-Saturday, 8am-5pm

Concerning freight, please call: tel. (+299) 38 26 84 or Cellphone no. (+299) 55 79 55

Contact: Sørine Bajare

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