Supplier to Mittarfeqarfiit (Greenland Airports)

Welcome to Mittarfeqarfiit’s procurement information service

Mittarfeqarfiit annually purchases goods for millions of kroner, distributed on many different categories. Mittarfeqarfiit’s procurement and warehouse team comprises four employees, of whom two are located in Denmark, and two in Greenland. This is for the benefit of not only our colleagues, but also our suppliers.

Mittarfeqarfiit’s approach to procurement

We handle all procurement areas and thereby help to promote our strategy and strengthen our key performance indicators. We work to optimise our cooperation with suppliers and minimise complexity and annual costs. Our coordination creates value for Mittarfeqarfiit and our suppliers by:

  • Reducing cost levels via supplier optimisation and cost reductions
  • Taking account of Mittarfeqarfiit’s fundamental service obligations, including a comprehensive overview and consideration of quality, service, price, supply reliability, security and the environment
  • In cooperation with suppliers building up a long-term relationship with focus on reliable technology and commercial relations.

Companies wishing to be accepted as suppliers to Mittarfeqarfiit can find further information on this site.

All of our invitations to tender will be announced via Business In Greenland, which is an online portal under the Government of Greenland. On this portal, you can also sign up for an e-mail service, so that you will be notified of any new invitations to tender that are announced.

Mittarfeqarfiit’s procurement policy is presented here: Procurement Policy (danish)

If you are a supplier wishing to offer your products to Mittarfeqarfiit, you can also complete this form with your contact details, and the products that your company has to offer. Our procurement team will then consider whether this is of interest to us.

If you have any questions, please contact us at


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