Two accepted for the new Greenlandic air traffic controller education

The recruitment process for the new air traffic controller education in Greenland is completed. We had a wide field of applicants and more than needed qualified. The two accepted are AFIS operators from Kulusuk Ujarneq Sørensen and Jacob Vadgaard. They were selected by a panel of representatives from respectively Greenland Airports Mittarfeqarfiit and the Icelandic airports Isavia which the education program is in collaboration with. The training will take place both on the Island and in Kangerlussuaq.

The aspirants have been through extensive auditions that has included interviews, psychological tests and a series of proficiency tests, including:

3D thinking
Monitoring ability
-And much more.

The training of the first air traffic controllers under the auspices of Mittarfeqarfiit and Isavia is part of a larger agreement that also includes the operation of air traffic control in Kangerlussuaq.
The goal is that Greeneland Airports in a few years will have the first self-educated, native controllers, thus filling posts with resident specialists. In connection with future airport expansions, Greenland will thus be well equipped to occupy central positions with resident specialists.

For the new Greenlandic air traffic controller there is job guarantee and an education that is internationally recognized and can be used at all airports in the world.

Greenland Airport Authority wishes the two traffic controllers congratulations on their approval for the program.

For further information please contact:

Henriette Nolsøe Rosing
HR consultant
D. 299 382628
M. 299 701600

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