Acting CEO

After 4 years with the company CEO Jens Lauridsen is resigning from his position at Greenland Airports by the end of August. Together with the Board of Directors, Operations Director Niels Grosen will take over and he will be acting CEO until a new CEO is in place.

Jens was originally hired to work with modernization and streamlining processes in Greenland Airports. These processes have come a long way and the organization has come a long way towards running as a modern company. After 2 years with profit, he feels that the organization is doing well with several of the processes and the time is ripe for him to embrace a new challenge. Jens has accepted a position as Technical Director in Air Greenland. He emphasizes that it wasn’t a desire to leave the company that affected his decission. But after four years with many exciting challenges in Greenland Airports, he found himself missing working for a private company.

“From Greenland Airports’ point of view it might not be the worst time for a change. My task has been to initiate a transformation of Greenland Airports into a business focusing on the commercial aspect of operating. I think we have come a long way in the process and I hope and believe that Greenland Airports has the capacity to complete the process. That said, the company will face a new task. Namely, to navigate Greenland Airports through the coming expansions of airports and the new buildings, which are in the planning phase now. It is a somewhat different task and I believe it will be for the best to take on this task with a CEO, who can see the entire process through, “says Jens.

As acting CEO Niels Grosen will be temporarily in charge of Greenland Airports and there is full confidence that he can do the job in collaboration with the Board of Directors. Niels has previously acted as CEO in the period before Jens Lauridsen joined Greenland Airports and he was therefore the natural choice for the task.

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