Everyone satisfied with the work related to the Arctic Winter Games

Almost 2,000 people were transported and approximately 150 aircraft landed and took off over two weekends – the employees of both Kangerlussuaq and Nuuk airports did a great job in connection with the flights for the Arctic Winter Games 2016.

People have expressed great satisfaction with Greenland’s airport authority Mittarfeqarfiit’s work in connection with the biggest event ever organized by Greenland and during the past week Niels Grosen has been welcomed with words of praise for the great work. Both the organizers from AWG, the municipality and participants from the various groups have expressed their satisfaction with the airports’ handling of the traffic. “They were very happy with the great kindness and flexibility they were greeted with at the airports by both Mittarfeqarfiit and Air Greenland. I have received positive responses from everyone and special thanks for dealing with the challenge of providing accommodation and meals for the almost 600 sportsmen who were stranded because of the weather when they were going to fly to Nuuk,” Niels Grosen said.

Everyone in Kangerlussuaq worked together to solve the problem and the entire small community was involved. It was a great advantage that everyone knew each other and it was very useful that the Mittarfeqarfiit employees knew exactly who to contact when problems arose. “We were all almost euphoric that the collaboration would go so well,” Rita Müller explained. The provided service was beyond the ordinary and even hotel manager Morten Nielsen helped in the kitchen when this was most needed. “It went fantastically well,” exclaimed Rita, when I spoke to her the day after the hectic weekend with arrival of the many participants. “This was a real demonstration of strength in unity here in Kangerlussuaq,” she said.

In Nuuk everything went well too, both in connection with the arrival and everyone’s departure during the weekend. “It went really well. Everyone was in a good mood and it has been a good experience to do this job. Although the employees, athletes and other participants were all tired as everyone was departing over the weekend, they were all pleased with our efforts and everyone left happy,” security manager Jens Christian Nielsen said.




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