Mittarfeqarfiit Overhauls IT Systems

Greenland Airports is under way with a major upgrade and overhaul of its systems by investing in Gentrack's world-leading airport system. The extensive upgrades will be implemented in the coming...

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Running a Hotel at the End of the World

Mittarfeqarfiit operates hotels in conjunction with several different airports. Travellers have plenty of options for accommodation in larger cities, but when you operate a station right in the middle of...

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Following the resignation of our former CEO Jens Laurdisen Mittarfeqarfiit is now looking for a new CEO to lead the company in the modernization processes that has been underway during...

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Airports create opportunities across the world

Mittarfeqarfiit trains new AFIS operators every year in cooperation with Integra Aviation Academy at their school in Kangerlussuaq. AFIS stands for “Aerodrome Flight Information Service” and trained operators have the...

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“Flightseeing” Has Come to Stay

Cooperation with smaller players is important to Mittarfeqarfiit. Having good contact with them and consequently boosting activity levels at our airports means a lot to us. If travel to Greenland...

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Acting CEO

After 4 years with the company CEO Jens Lauridsen is resigning from his position at Greenland Airports by the end of August. Together with the Board of Directors, Operations Director...

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Arctic Winter Gamesertoqarneranut atatillugu suliaq naammassisaq angisuumik iluarisimaarneqartoq

Angallattut 2000´ ngajaat timmisartunik 150´nik angallanneqarput weekendit marluk ingerlanerini- sulisugut Kangerlussuarmi Nuummilu Arctic Winter Gamesertoqarneranut atatillugu timmisartuusseqattartoqarnerani annertoorsuarmik suliaqarsimapput. Malunnartumik iluarisimaarinnittoqarpoq Mittarfeqarfiit, massakkumut Kalaallit-Nunaata oqaluttuarisaanerani aatsaat taama angitigisumik aaqqissuussisoqarnerani, sullissisimanerannut...

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Everyone satisfied with the work related to the Arctic Winter Games

Almost 2,000 people were transported and approximately 150 aircraft landed and took off over two weekends - the employees of both Kangerlussuaq and Nuuk airports did a great job in...

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Mittarfeqarfiit lower the price of fuel

Polaroil today announced lower cost prices for fuels. Mittarfeqarfiit follow up with lower prices per. January 5, 2016 with the same relative price drops as Polaroil.

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Job & Education

Er du vores nye mekaniker, kok eller indsatsleder?

Se alle vores muligheder for både uddannelser og job...

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Udover drift af vores lufthavne byder vi på et hav af services...

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Besøg vores hotel i Narsarsuaq

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